Some call it Engineered Scaffolding; we call it serious business. Together with our scaffolding/shoring and mechanical insulation services, it makes us a clear leader in the industry. Our scaffolding equipment is widely used in the construction of buildings, farms, and airports and we offer a wide range of scaffolding sizes and custom configurations to address the needs of various trades and job-specific uses.

Our commitment to high-quality workmanship creates a solid foundation for any industrial or commercial building project. We have provided scaffolding equipment and services to many projects including operations in the Alberta Tar Sands, C.N.R.L and Suncor projects, tanks, vessels, and boilers. Whether your specific construction project requires tube & clamp or conventional scaffolding, Panels and Pipes can provide you with the tools necessary to keep your operations safe and efficient.


Downloadable Brochure – Scaffolding