Panels and Pipes provides duct and pipe insulation services in all types of climates. The insulation of heating or cooling air ducts in unconditioned areas can greatly improve efficient operations and reduce energy consumption. In the case of ducts, proper insulation is essential to prevent condensation on the metal and the resultant rust damage.

Panels and Pipes works with various types of insulation, but fiberglass remains the most commonly used duct insulating material due to its range of thicknesses and availability in both flexible and rigid varieties. However we are always expanding and looking upon new horizons for better and more practical insulating materials such as the 3M™ VentureClad™ Jacketing System. Duct insulation improves the output of the machinery and saves energy consumption by reducing or eliminating condensation on cold pipes, preventing dangerous pipe temperatures to protect pipes and employees, controlling ambient noise, reducing wait time for hot water, and reducing unwanted heat gain in air conditioned areas. Pipe insulation also reduces the surface temperature of your pipes or equipment to increase worker safety and prevent worker downtime due to injury. Our pipe insulation projects include new commercial and industrial construction and renovation projects, plant maintenance, schools, and hospitals.


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