Asbestos removal needs to be handled by certified professionals under carefully controlled conditions. Panels and Pipes is one of a few companies that specialize in removing asbestos from commercial, industrial, and residential buildings using a fully bonded and licensed team with up-to-date knowledge of the latest environmental laws and regulation.

Asbestos is a natural fibrous silicate mineral that was widely used before the 1980s due to its strong and incombustible properties. Today, the mineral is banned because it poses serious health risks and can pollute air and water. When it becomes exposed in a work place, it can enter the lungs via the air that we breathe endangering our health. When dealing with exposed asbestos, it is very important to control, contain, and dispose of it properly.

Panels and Pipes commercial and industrial asbestos removal services include testing the toxic material, providing you with an estimate to remove the asbestos from your building, and the safe transportation and disposal of the toxic material.

Downloadable Brochure – Asbestos Removal